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Cataract Surgeries


Lasik & PRK Surgeries

Eye Check-Ups & Testing

Elaborate and hi-tech infrastructure for routine and specialized eye checking. Facilities and expertise for wide range of specialized tests

Specialized eye treatments

Specialized Ophthalmologists and other medical expertise for the entire range of eye problems. Well structured eye treatments and follow-up methodology.

Fine eye surgeries

Complete range of surgical expertise. Highly qualified and experienced surgeons. State-of-the-art technology for LASIK, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, pediatric surgeries, squint, oculoplasty etc.


Started in 2002, Poona Eye Care has established itself as an important speciality hospital of medical and surgical excellence in ophthalmology.The centre delivers highly advanced treatments with a team of dedicated expert surgeons and an excellent and experienced support staff including trained nurses, experienced optometrists and administrators. The hospital offers advanced diagnostic and surgical facilities with its range of hi-end machines and trained operators.

Highly Qualified Doctors

Poona Eye care has a team of three experienced specialised Surgical Opthalmologists. Along with routine treatments, their expertise covers specialised vitreo retinal surgeries, laser treatments and cornea surgeries.


The hospital has trained and experienced optometrists, nursing staff and machine operators to assist the doctors. The non-medical staff members are also well versed in hospital and patient management.


Medical ailments often cause stress and anxiety. At Poona Eye Care we work to create a friendly environment which can help our patients to relax and communicate their concerns freely.


MEL-90 the world’s fastest Lasik machine, YAG laser for opacities and iridectomies, Green Laser Visulas from Carl Zeiss and several other sophisticated machines are a part of the Poona Eye Care family.


We are located on Karve Road, one of the central roads in Pune. We are easy to locate as we are bang opposite the famous Sonal Hall. By-lanes in the vicinity ensure sufficient parking space.


An opticals facility and a medical shop are housed in the same premises for the convenience of our patients. These facilities enable our patients to get a complete solution.

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