Frequently Asked Questions

Farsightedness or hyperopia is a common refractive error in which distant objects appear more clearly than objects that are near. However, different people experience farsightedness differently.

Nearsightedness or myopia is a common cause of blurred vision.It is a common refractive error in which close objects appear clearly, but distant objects appear blurry. You might frown or squint while trying to see distant objects clearly.

Cataract causes normally clear lens of the eyes to become cloudy. The result is that it impairs normal vision.

Glaucoma is the eye condition in which the optic nerve that carries signals from the retina to the brain gets damaged to the point where it may cause vision loss. .

Crossing of the eyes should be examined right away by the ophthalmologist. If it is noticed in infancy, surgery may be needed. If it is noticed for the first time in a toddler, glasses may help. In all instances, one should visit an ophthalmologist to rule out ambylopia or other conditions.

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