6 Essential foods to improve your eye health.

  • 12/05/2016
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The nature of eyes is vascular, so in order to keep the blood vessels healthy it is important to have a heart healthy diet which is low on Trans & saturated fats. To protect your eyes from age related macular degeneration (ARMD) it is necessary to intake foods rich in anti-oxidants, which is the main or leading cause of vision loss in elders in India. The same also causes Cataracts or other eye related issues. People on diet rich with Vitamin C, antioxidants, zinc, vitamin E & beta carotene experienced about 25% reduction in getting or developing ARMD i.e. Age Related Eye Diseases.
The essential food required for good eye health are:
1. Carrots
We have heard or aware about carrots or other orange coloured fruits and vegetables are responsible for good eye health or vision. This is true. Vitamin A is the reason for these fruits for being orange in colour, this vitamin A makes the retina and other parts of eye’s function swiftly. But along with this, there are several other vitamins responsible for a good eye sight. Make the mentioned 6 foods a staple for you and your family’s diet.
2. Leafy Green Vegetables
Green leafy vegetables reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts. The leafy greens contain lutein and zeaxanthin—antioxidants which reduce the risk and keep your vision healthy.
3. Eggs
The egg yolk helps in reducing the macular degeneration risk. The egg yolk (egg yellow) is a main source of lutein and zeaxanthin—plus zinc. According to a study done by Paul Dougherty, MD, medical director of Dougherty Laser Vision in Los Angeles, including eggs in your daily diet keeps the vision bright along with other benefits of egg.
4. Almonds
Almonds are full of vitamin E. Vitamin E is responsible to slow down macular degeneration. One ounce or a handful of almonds daily, provides you with your dose of vitamin E. Almonds are also responsible for sharp memory.
5. Citrus and Berries
Citrus and berries contain large amount of Vitamin C, vitamin C reduces the risk of developing Cataracts and macular degeneration.
6. Fatty Fishes
Fishes like Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, Anchovies and Trout are rich in Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA). DHA is found in your retina, low levels of DHA results in dry eye syndrome. DHA is also a primary structural component of the human brain, cerebral cortex, skin, sperm, testicles along with retina.
Now you know what diet is good for eye’s it’s time to take an expert advice and get a customised diet plan depending on your eye health along with an eye check-up.
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