Tips to Eliminate Eye Strain Caused by Computer

  • 11/02/2016
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After spending too much time in front of a computer screen does your eyes feel irritated, tired or dry? If yes then you might be suffering for Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) A person suffers from CVS if he/she spends more the 2-3 hours daily in front of a computer screen. Around 60% to 90% of people working in front for computer suffers from CVS. Symptoms of CVS are: Redness Irritation in eye’s Dryness Eye Strain One may also experience blurred vision, burning eyes, headaches and neck or shoulder pain. If you find yourself in the similar situation here are few tips & guidelines to refrain from CVS. Tips for eliminating eye strain caused by computer are:- 20-20-10 Rule: This is a rule which says after starting 20 minutes on screen take a 20 seconds break and stare at an object placed 10 feet away. Blink Frequently:
When you are staring at the screen continuously, your blinking rate reduces. Do not forget to blink continuously as it reduces dryness and irritation.
Keep your screen resolution bright:
Brightness reduces the flicker rate of the screen which reduces fatigue. Flickering leads to eye strain and headaches. Bright monitor results in pupil to compress, which causes greater range of focus. This enables you to work longer and with comfort.
Wear a computer glass:
These glasses are specifically designed for computer work. It allows you to focus on a computer screen. The anti-glare coating on the glasses reduces the effect of UV-rays on your eyes.
Use proper lights(lamps, tube lights):
One should use incandescent lightning and avoid bright lamps or tube lights at their work desk. Place a dim light at both sides of the work desk to have equal brightness without any shadowed area.
Check the monitors position:
The position of the computer monitor matters allot at it increases your eyestrain. It is important to be positioned at a proper distance from your eyes. Your monitor should be 15 to 20 degrees below the eye level i.e. 4 to 5 inches and 20 to 30 inches away from your eyes.
Minimum Glare:
The monitor should be cleaned on regular basis to keep it free from dust and other particles. Consider putting an anti-glare sheet on the screen.
Take the essential vitamins:
Opt for foods which are rich in vitamin A, C and E with Zinc and AB complex. Know more about foods

important for good eye care.
Massage your eyes:
In order to relax your eyes and muscles around it, it is important to massage them on regular basis. Just massage around your eyes gently which would comfort your eyes. Rub your palms against each other the friction would create some heat then cup it over your eyes.
Have a comprehensive eye test:
Almost 80% of people suffering from CVS wear lenses or glasses, make sure your power is accurate. It is recommended for the computer users to get their eyes check-up done ones every year. It is important to tell your doctor the number of hours you spend on the computer and the placement of your computer screen.

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