Dr.Nitin Kolte

About Our Director

Dr.Nitin Kolte Phacoemulsification with multifocal, toric, multifocal toric, accommodative , ICLs,IPCLs. .

His 7 years of experience enables him to provide excellent care to our residents. Dr. Kolte is a Diagnosis and management of wide variety of eye diseases and ocular motility diseases in children and adults.

Very experienced and expeditious strabismus surgeon especially in the management of complex strabismus, repos, post injury strabismus, nystagmus and transpositions using fornix incisions and adjustable suture technique in every case,Well experienced in performing surgeries for infantile cataracts, infantile glaucoma (trabeculotomies, trabeculenctomy goniotomies, laser TSCPC etc), ptosis surgery (frontalis sling, lps resections and fasanella servat procedure), nasolacrimal duct obstruction (endoscopic, probing, silastic intubations and external DCR), management of ectopia lentis (foldable scleral fixated IOLs), enucleations and implants, LASERs for ROP, Coloboma etc.

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